Sound Healing

From Tibetan Buddhist chanting to Bach’s symphonies, the healing power of sound has been recognized and celebrated for thousands of years in cultures throughout the world. These traditions honor and celebrate the great ability of sound to bring the body, mind, and spirit into balance.

By shifting the state of our brainwaves, frequency and rhythm can move us from an active, problem-solving mind into a relaxed, meditative, hypnotic mind. It is in this relaxed state when the body’s innate healing power is catalyzed and profound transformation can occur. Consider the effect of the drum, crashing ocean waves, or favorite musician’s live performance on the inner state. Sound can bring us to a place where shifts in programmed beliefs and patterns of habit take place.

Frequency can also be used as a tool for dissolving stuck and stagnant energy that may be manifesting as bodily ailments or disease. By playing a frequency that resonates with a particular energy center, sound healing can directly impact the physical body by bringing it into a higher vibrational state.

While experiencing a sound bath from a practitioner or concert by a trained musician is a beautiful way to enjoy sound healing, each individual possesses a tool supremely restorative to them alone. The most healing sound in existence is the sound of one’s own voice. It is the vibration of our own sound waves that have the ability to produce the greatest shifts in our energetic and physical bodies. Through chanting, mantra, singing, and vocal tuning, we can harness this power of our voice and be our own healers.  

A shruti box not only provides the healing sound waves and frequencies to bring you into a hypnotic state, it offers a backdrop of vibration to create harmony, develop musical creativity, and experience the vibrations of your own body.

Free your voice.

Find your gift of sound.